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Giving Back to the Community: Depression is an unseen illness unlike a broken bone or something on the inside that an MRI would show. My idea for a better future is to create real support that actually works when a person is at their lowest. 
Sure there are support groups and doctors that you can find some kind of assistance to participate, but the problem is chronic depression causes an individual to struggle to even get out of bed because the thought of a shower and dressing is too overwhelming. What I want to create is a mix between home health aid and a companionship program. 
When I was at my lowest I would have killed to have a friends who would sit with me for comfort and then force me out of bed. The problem is with depression, you’ve distanced yourself from all friends and the ones you have cannot possibly put their entire life on hold to give you the attention you need. So let’s find a way to provide round the clock companionship if that is what’s needed. It’s done for those in hospice, paraplegic persons, and many others, why not for depression? Isn’t it worth creating a service to provide at least one companion when needed to prevent a possible suicide? That is my dream for this often neglected community. We don’t have to cure anyone from depression, we just have to hold their hand and encourage them on their way to a better self.

My goal for the future is to finally make my mark in the world by using my time, passion, empathy, and any donated funds to helping others with similar situations. We all deserve to find our happy place.